Thursday, July 17, 2014


If you are in Moscow you can walk into the Ziferblat café in the fashionable Tverskaya neighborhood and grab a coffee or tea. Perhaps you may sit down on one of the most comfortable armchairs, pull out your lap top and check your e-mails on the Wi-Fi network. Feeling a little hungry? There is some food in the cabinet like traditional cookies so you can help yourself.

And how much all this cost? Well, the costs is 2 rubles per minute so, if you spend, say, an hour there, it will cost you 120 rubles. And if you stay for more than four hours there is no additional cost. Hence, the maximum amount that someone pays is 480 rubles per day.  

You see, Ziferblat café might look like a traditional café or coffee shop but it’s not. It’s an “anti-café”. Customers are welcome to come in and do whatever they like with the facilities, as long as they pay while they are there. The atmosphere is suitable for both studying and relaxing and the staff more than happy and willing to welcome people and help them.

In today's video you won't just hear what we have to say about the place - find out what its creator thinks!

Name: Ziferblat


Address: Tverskaya 12
Nearest subway station: Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya/Chekhovskaya


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