Tuesday, July 22, 2014


There’s no doubt about it, if you are into comics and animation, Bizarrebook is your place in the city of Moscow.
There, you will find not only Russian and international comic books but unique and imported art books about animation pictures of Pixar, Dreamworks, Walt Disney, impossible to find any elsewhere in town, action figures of Marvel, Starwars, DC comics, T-shirts of your favourite superheroes, and if you are lucky you might find some author sketching around inside the shop, all these in the most friendly atmosphere.

Step into Bizarrebook today and sail away seas of ink of the best comic artists…only in Bizarrebook!

Name: Bizarrebook
Webpage: www.bizarrebook.ru
Address: Schelkovskoye Street 3-1
Nearest subway station: Cherkizovskaya 


  1. Большая благодарность за этот обзор. Thanks!