Saturday, July 19, 2014

Neskuchniy Sad

Neskuchniy Sad is an island of tranquility in the busy Moscow area of Leninskiy prospekt. Known even to many Muscovites only by  name, it has a lot to offer to foreigners tired of the urban life. 

Visit its peaceful shade on the right bank of the Moskva river and you will see that Neskuchniy Sad boasts as many beauties as a landscape park possibly can: alleys, wildernesses, fountains, gazebos, ponds and 18-19th century buildings. The park occupies the area of several estates that used to belong to aristocrat families of old Russia and up to this day you can almost go back in time to those days. 

Name: Neskuchniy Sad
Nearest subway station: Leninskiy prospekt

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